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Man Penalized for Second Marriage Without First Wife’s Consent

Man Penalized for Second Marriage Without First Wife's Consent

The Lahore family court has issued a ruling penalizing a man for entering into a second marriage without obtaining the consent of his first wife, as reported by local media outlets.

According to reports, the court has sentenced the man, identified as Muhammad Aurangzeb Khan, to seven months of imprisonment along with a substantial fine of Rs. 500,000. The decision was made by Judge Adnan Liaquat after reviewing an application filed by Zona Nasar, who was represented by Barrister Usman G Rashid Cheema.

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The court’s ruling was based on the violation of Section 6(5) of the Muslim Family Law Ordinance, which mandates obtaining prior written consent from the first wife before entering into a subsequent marriage.

The verdict highlighted that Khan failed to adhere to the legal requirement of obtaining written permission from his first wife before contracting a second marriage. Consequently, he was sentenced to seven months in jail and fined Rs. 500,000, with an additional one-month imprisonment in case of failure to pay the fine.

Khan argued that he had verbally sought permission from his first wife for a second marriage, with her brother and father present at the time. However, the court determined that verbal consent did not fulfill the legal obligation.

The accused initially married on September 24, 2011, and subsequently entered into a second marriage on March 22, 2021.