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Margalla College Undergoes Major Renovation and Upgrades

Islamabad, June 9, 2024 — Margalla College, one of the oldest girls’ colleges in the region, has received a significant boost with a comprehensive renovation and upgrade, revitalizing its facilities after two decades of dilapidation. The extensive refurbishment project has transformed the institution, enhancing the educational environment and resources available to its students.

One of the most notable additions is a new state-of-the-art computer lab, providing students with access to the latest technology and software, ensuring they are well-equipped for the digital age. This facility is designed to foster technical proficiency and digital literacy, preparing students for the demands of the modern workforce.

The college library has also been overhauled, now featuring additional resources, modern furnishings, and digital access to a vast array of academic materials. The updated library not only provides traditional books and journals but also offers e-books and online databases, making research more accessible and convenient for students.

The college dispensary has been upgraded, offering improved medical facilities and services to cater to the health and well-being of the students. Equipped with the latest medical equipment and staffed by qualified healthcare professionals, the dispensary ensures that students have access to prompt and effective medical care.

In a bid to promote creativity, a new art gallery has been established, giving students a dedicated space to display and appreciate their artwork. This gallery will host regular exhibitions and art events, encouraging students to explore their artistic talents and gain recognition for their work.
An innovative transformation has occurred in one of the previously underutilized auditoriums, which has been converted into a new Software Technology park (STP) center. This facility will provide students and graduates free co working space with practical skills and training, enhancing opportunities with free internet , electricity and no rent to improve their employability and readiness for the workforce.
The entire college has undergone a cosmetic makeover, with all rooms and walls painted and decorated in modern styles, creating a more vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for both students and staff. Additionally, an abandoned building that had been unused for over a decade has been repurposed into a high-impact IT institute. This new facility will offer Margalla College girls comprehensive technology training, empowering them with the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

In addition to these academic enhancements, a well-equipped podcast room has been established. This new space will enable students to create and produce their own podcasts, providing a platform for them to share their ideas, stories, and experiences with a wider audience. The podcast room is fitted with high-quality recording equipment, soundproofing, and editing software, making it an ideal environment for students to develop their communication and media production skills.

The sports facilities at Margalla College have also seen significant improvements. The gymnasium has been refurbished with new equipment, providing a modern and well-maintained space for physical fitness activities. Additionally, the basketball and tennis courts have been renovated, ensuring that students have access to top-notch facilities for their athletic pursuits. These enhancements aim to promote physical well-being and encourage students to engage in sports and recreational activities.
The renovations and upgrades at Margalla College mark a significant step forward in improving the quality of education and facilities available to its students, reaffirming the institution’s commitment to providing an excellent learning environment. These changes not only address the immediate needs of the college but also position it as a leading educational institution equipped to meet the challenges of the future.
Margalla College Principal, Mrs. Aisha , expressed her enthusiasm for the transformation, stating, “The comprehensive renovation of Margalla College represents our dedication to providing the best possible educational experience for our students. With these new and upgraded facilities, we are confident that our students will thrive academically, creatively, and physically.”
The extensive project was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the college administration, alumni, and local government, highlighting the community’s commitment to advancing educational opportunities for young women in the region. As Margalla College enters this new chapter, it stands as a beacon of progress and innovation, ready to inspire and empower the next generation of female leaders.