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Missing teenager Taha has been found dead on Islamabad’s Trail 5

Missing teenager Taha has been found dead on Islamabad's Trail 5

ISLAMABAD – The body of a 16-year-old boy, who had gone missing from Islamabad’s Margalla Hills, was found on Monday. Six students from APS School Ordinance Road went hiking on Trail 5 in Islamabad. One of the students, named Taha, went missing on Sunday, leading to a prompt response from the capital police.

Following the filing of an official complaint, the police initiated a search operation. The boy’s body was subsequently discovered in a ditch on Monday morning. The staff of the Forest and Environment Department located the corpse and notified the police. Taha’s family members quickly arrived at the scene to identify the body.

Initial investigations suggest that the boy had accidentally slipped into the ditch and succumbed to his injuries. Previously, Taha’s father had lodged a report alleging that his son had been kidnapped during the hike with his five friends.