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Mohsin Naqvi Updates Chinese Counterpart On Dasu Attack Investigation Progress

Mohsin Naqvi Updates Chinese Counterpart On Dasu Attack Investigation Progress

Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi met with his Chinese counterpart Qi Yanjun on Thursday to update him on the progress of the investigation into the Dasu terror attack involving Chinese nationals in Pakistan. The meeting took place at the office of China’s mission to the United Nations in New York, where Naqvi assured Yanjun that comprehensive security measures have been implemented for Chinese citizens in Pakistan.

Following the recent approval of Operation Azm-e-Istehkam in Islamabad to counter rising terrorism incidents, Mohsin Naqvi emphasized Pakistan’s commitment to a multidimensional security strategy.

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Yanjun expressed satisfaction with the ongoing investigation and praised Pakistan’s handling of the case as diligent and professional. He extended an invitation to Naqvi to participate in the Global Security Forum in September, which Naqvi accepted, underscoring the strong bilateral ties.

Naqvi reaffirmed Pakistan’s unwavering friendship with China and invited Yanjun to visit Pakistan to strengthen their cooperative efforts in various fields, including law enforcement training and technology integration.

During the meeting, they discussed regional security issues and highlighted cooperation on enhancing the capabilities of Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies, including through the Special Protection Unit (SPU) in Islamabad, aimed at safeguarding Chinese nationals.

Yanjun commended the establishment of the SPU and pledged full cooperation in training and other relevant areas, emphasizing the enduring strength of the Pakistan-China friendship.

Both ministers are currently in New York attending the UN-COP conference.