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Monsoon Onset In Punjab Prompts PDMA Fresh Flood Warning Issuance

Monsoon Onset In Punjab Prompts PDMA Fresh Flood Warning Issuance

The monsoon season has officially started in Punjab, as confirmed by the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA). This year, the region is projected to receive 30% more rainfall compared to previous years, according to a PDMA spokesperson.

During the first week of July, rainfall forecasts range from 15 to 50mm, with expectations of 25 to 35mm in the second week. The third week anticipates up to 25mm of rain in upper and southern Punjab, while the fourth week may experience the heaviest rainfall, with predictions ranging from 50 to 70mm.

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The PDMA has issued warnings about potential flash floods in hill torrents and urban flooding, especially in southern Punjab. The heightened rainfall increases the risk of these natural calamities, underscoring the need for immediate preventive measures.

The Director-General of PDMA stressed the urgency of completing river and drainage system cleaning to mitigate the impact of anticipated heavy rains. Authorities are advised to accelerate these preparations to safeguard residents’ safety and well-being.

Meanwhile, substantial Monsoon rainfall in Lahore on Monday morning brought relief from the heat, particularly in areas like Gulberg, Jail Road, Lawrence Road, Begum Road, Anarkali, and their surroundings.

Lahore experienced significant rainfall, with the highest recorded at 105mm at Lakshmi Chowk and 102mm near Qurtaba Chowk. Other notable measurements included 61mm in Gulshan-e-Ravi, 72mm in the Pani Wala Talab area, and 73mm in Gulberg, according to WASA.

The downpour resulted in considerable water accumulation in low-lying areas, notably Liberty Chowk, Qaddafi Stadium, Hussain Chowk, Garden Town, Wahdat Road, and MM Alam Road.