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Monsoon Showers Provide Relief, Thunderstorm Warning Issued

Monsoon Showers Provide Relief, Thunderstorm Warning Issued

Early morning monsoon showers in Lahore brought relief from summer heat, improving weather conditions. According to the Meteorological Department, intermittent rain will persist today, causing temperatures to decrease further.

The monsoon showers has officially started, with Lahore experiencing cloudy skies since morning. Significant rainfall has been recorded in areas like Mall Road, Garhi Shahu, Railway Station, Brandreth Road, Gulberg, Ferozepur Road, Model Town, Calvary Ground, Walton, DHA, Wahdat Road, Kalma Chowk, and Garden Town.

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The weather has become pleasantly cool, with temperatures notably dropping. The Meteorological Department predicts that this rainy spell will continue from July 4 to July 7.

Thursday’s maximum temperature is expected to reach 34 degrees Celsius, with a minimum of 26 degrees Celsius. Thunderstorms are also likely at various times during the day.


Rain began late at night and continued intermittently in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, resulting in pleasant weather and a notable reduction in summer heat and humidity.

Various areas in Islamabad, such as Blue Area, Zero Point, Aabpara, F-6, F-7, G-6, and G-7, experienced light to heavy rainfall. Rainfall was also reported in Bhara Kahu, Bari Imam, Bani Gala, and Alipur Farash.

According to the Meteorological Department, more monsoon showers is anticipated, accompanied by thundershowers and gusty winds.

Other Punjab Cities

In Wazirabad, substantial rainfall has created pleasant weather in the city and nearby areas. However, the downpour has caused power outages across different parts of the city, with multiple electrical feeders tripping.

Gujrat is experiencing sporadic rainfall throughout most of the city, leading to heightened humidity and warmth. The GEPCO system has been significantly impacted, resulting in several feeders tripping due to the precipitation.

In Gujar Khan, heavy rains have brought refreshing cool breezes amid intensified heat. While the weather has become enjoyable, the rainfall has disrupted electricity supply in the region.

Daska also saw heavy rainfall in the city and surrounding areas, providing relief from the heat. The weather has turned pleasant with cool breezes, although several electricity feeders have tripped due to the downpour.

Northern Areas

The Meteorological Department predicts heavy rainfall in parts of northeastern Punjab, the Potohar region, and upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), signaling a significant shift in weather conditions that will alleviate summer heat.

Evening and nighttime rain is expected in southern KP, central Punjab, and northeastern Balochistan, offering relief from the hot and humid weather prevalent in these areas.

Monsoon showers have provided essential relief from summer temperatures in several Pakistani regions, yet they have also led to issues like power disruptions and higher humidity levels.