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OceanGate’s Co-Founder Asserts Capability to Safely Transport Humans to Venus

OceanGate's Co-Founder Asserts Capability to Safely Transport Humans to Venus

Guillermo Söhnlein, co-founder of OceanGate, contends that sending humans to Venus can be achieved safely, despite the planet’s extreme conditions. In an April blog post, he outlined his concepts, proposing the use of breathing equipment and acid-resistant materials to facilitate human adaptation to Venus’s environment.

Söhnlein envisions human habitation approximately 50 kilometers above Venus’s surface, where conditions more closely resemble those on Earth. He asserts that a manned mission to Venus could precede efforts to colonize Mars, urging scientists, explorers, and investors to collaborate on this ambitious endeavor.

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After departing OceanGate in 2020, Söhnlein established the Humans2Venus Foundation and Space Bridge Partners, organizations committed to advancing space exploration.

His overarching goal is to develop groundbreaking solutions for sustainable living in space and to expand human presence beyond Earth. Söhnlein’s proposals represent a significant stride towards pushing the boundaries of what humanity can achieve in space exploration.