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Pakistan Navy Launches FN-6 Surface-to-Air Missile

Pakistan Navy Launches FN-6 Surface-to-Air Missile

The Pakistan Navy marked a milestone on Wednesday with the successful launch of the FN-6 surface-to-air missile.

A Navy statement revealed that Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) units conducted a live weapon firing (LWF) exercise of FN-6 surface-to-air missiles (SAM) in Karachi. This exercise showcased the GBAD system’s ability to effectively engage and neutralize airborne targets.

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Vice Admiral Raja Rab Nawaz, Commander Coast, attended as the chief guest. He praised the troops for the successful missile firing and expressed satisfaction with the operational readiness of Pakistan Navy’s GBAD system. Vice Admiral Nawaz reaffirmed the Navy’s preparedness to respond decisively to any threats.

The FN-6 surface-to-air missiles are part of the Pakistan Navy’s efforts to bolster its defensive capabilities and ensure national security against evolving threats.