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Pakistan’s Tallest Man Passes Away After Illness

Pakistan's Tallest Man Passes Away After Illness

Zia Rasheed, 30, Pakistan’s tallest man, died on Tuesday in Vehari after a prolonged illness. His funeral drew a large crowd, including many notable figures.

Rasheed, standing at 8 feet 3 inches, was the second tallest man in the world.

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He reached his extraordinary height by 15 but developed a severe knee disease at 20. Due to inadequate treatment and lack of government support, his condition deteriorated. A fall last year worsened his pain, leading to his death.

In 2018, Rasheed revealed he was learning taekwondo for fitness and self-defense.

He completed his education up to matriculation and wished to study further but faced financial and travel challenges. Rasheed had appealed for government assistance to improve his living conditions.