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PIA Refutes Reports of Imminent Closure, Continues Operations

PIA Refutes Reports of Imminent Closure, Continues Operations

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has denied reports of an impending shutdown of its operations and emphasized that it is processing both national and international payments. The airline has grounded several aircraft as it grapples with securing the funds needed to sustain operations in the coming months. While there were reports suggesting that operations might cease by September 15, PIA’s management and lawmakers in the Senate have reacted strongly to refute these claims.

The Ministry of Aviation, while seeking a cash injection of Rs23 billion, has also alerted the government to the risk of Boeing and Airbus discontinuing the supply of spare parts by mid-September.

PIA’s spokesperson, Abdullah Hafeez Khan, dismissed these reports as baseless and stated that flight operations are ongoing, with the airline processing urgent domestic and international payments. He emphasized that concerns and misunderstandings surrounding PIA’s situation are unfounded, and the airline is operating on a solid foundation with the capacity to manage these challenges.

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Despite the damage to its reputation caused by reports of a potential closure, PIA asserts that all payments are being cleared, employee salaries have been disbursed, and flight operations are continuing according to schedule. The airline has a robust global network and sufficient aircraft for both domestic and international flights.

In parallel, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has initiated the pre-bidding process to outsource the operations of Islamabad International Airport under the public-private partnership (PPP) model. Interested parties have been invited to attend a pre-bid conference in Dubai on September 26. Navigational services and runway operations will not be outsourced, and the CAA will continue to oversee these critical functions.