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PM Chairs Meeting to Finalize Comprehensive 5-Year Roadmap for Economic Revival

PM Chairs Meeting to Finalize Comprehensive 5-Year Roadmap for Economic Revival

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif recently chaired a pivotal meeting in Islamabad aimed at formulating a comprehensive 5-year economic plan for Pakistan. The meeting delved into strategies to address pressing issues such as inflation, poverty, and unemployment, highlighting the urgency of concerted efforts from all stakeholders to ensure the plan’s effective implementation.


In his address, Prime Minister Sharif emphasized the need to bolster capacities in key sectors such as agriculture, livestock, information technology, and foreign investment. He stressed the importance of prudent fiscal management, pledging to curtail wasteful spending and ensure that resources allocated for poverty alleviation are efficiently utilized to benefit those in need.

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Looking forward, Prime Minister Sharif underscored the importance of prioritizing economic growth over the next five years. He advocated for embracing digitization and fostering innovation to drive revenue growth, particularly emphasizing the role of agricultural innovation in enhancing productivity and sustainability.

Additionally, Prime Minister Sharif outlined plans to expedite the privatization of underperforming government entities as part of efforts to streamline operations and enhance efficiency in various sectors.

The meeting saw the participation of several federal ministers and senior officials, who received comprehensive briefings on the proposed economic roadmap and key measures across a wide spectrum of sectors including energy, agriculture, exports, industry, taxation, information technology, investment, and privatization. This collaborative approach underscores the government’s commitment to charting a path towards sustainable economic development and prosperity for Pakistan.