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Punjab on high alert due to warnings of heavy rains

Punjab on high alert due to warnings of heavy rains

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has issued a warning of heavy rains and landslides in Upper Punjab until June 6th. Residents of Murree and Galyat have been advised to prepare for potential landslides, with a high likelihood of thunderstorms and lightning.

The district administration has been placed on high alert, with DGPDMA Irfan Ali Kathia instructing officials to remain vigilant round-the-clock. PDMA has cautioned citizens to avoid open areas during thunderstorms and to stay updated on weather forecasts.

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This warning comes as heavy rains are anticipated in Upper Punjab, posing risks to life and property. PDMA has assured readiness to respond to any emergencies, directing district administrations to take necessary precautions.

Citizens are urged to prioritize safety and refrain from venturing into open spaces during adverse weather conditions. Meanwhile, a tragic incident occurred in Khushab where two brothers lost their lives due to lightning strikes. In response, DG PDMA extended condolences to the grieving family and offered financial assistance.