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Emergency Declared in Rawalpindi Due to Heavy Rainfall

Emergency Declared in Rawalpindi Due to Heavy Rainfall

The twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are currently experiencing heavy rainfall, leading to emergency measures being taken by the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) Rawalpindi. Muhammad Saleem Ashraf, the Managing Director of WASA, has declared a rain emergency in response to the ongoing downpours.

As part of the emergency measures, officials’ leaves have been canceled, and heavy machinery has been deployed to vulnerable areas to mitigate the impact of the rainfall. Drainage operations are also underway, with field staff actively involved in managing the situation.

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The heavy rainfall has resulted in intensified cold conditions in Rawalpindi, affecting areas such as Saidpur, Golra, Shamsabad, and Chaklala, which have recorded significant rainfall ranging from 16 to 22 millimeters.

Continuous monitoring of drainage systems and low-lying areas is being conducted, with the managing director personally overseeing drainage operations in the field. Meteorological authorities have forecasted that the rainfall is expected to persist for another one to two days, accompanied by a further decrease in temperatures, which will exacerbate the cold spell in the region.