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PTI Supporters Arrested in Rawalpindi Protest

PTI Supporters Arrested in Rawalpindi Protest

The Rawalpindi police arrested PTI supporters protesting against the February 8 election results on Sunday, following the sealing of routes leading to the district election commission’s office. A significant police presence was observed in the area, with the closure of the district office also impacting access to the press club for journalists.

After the closure of the ECP office, PTI supporters gathered near Murree Road to express solidarity with the party’s incarcerated founding chairman, Imran Khan.

All police stations have been instructed to take action against protests within their jurisdictions, emphasizing strict measures against any attempt to organize rallies.

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Earlier, PTI chairman Barrister Gohar called for peaceful nationwide protests against returning officers (ROs) on Sunday. He stressed the public’s trust in Imran Khan’s vision and condemned ROs’ alleged attempts to undermine democracy through tampering with election results.

Gohar warned that such efforts would be unacceptable to the people and detrimental to the country, emphasizing the importance of protecting the people’s mandate through constitutional and democratic means.

Highlighting PTI’s right to a clear majority in the Centre, Punjab, and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Gohar concluded by stating that preserving respect for the people’s mandate is crucial for Pakistan’s best interest.