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Punjab Govt offers Free Solar Panels To Consumers Using Up To 500 Units Of Power

Punjab Govt offers Free Solar Panels To Consumers Using Up To 500 Units Of Power

In an effort to offer affordable electricity to people affected by inflation, the Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz-led Punjab Govt has approved the “Roshan Gharana” program. This initiative will provide solar panels to millions of citizens consuming between 50 to 500 units of electricity. The decision was made during a provincial cabinet meeting chaired by CM Maryam in Lahore, as per an official statement.

The program aims to promote sustainable energy solutions, with the government covering 90% of the solar panel costs, while consumers will pay the remaining 10% in easy installments over five years. A cabinet meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday to formally finalize the “Roshan Gharana” program.

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According to the official statement, the ratio between government-supplied electricity and solar power will be determined based on users’ needs. This initiative is part of Punjab’s strategy to address rising electricity costs and energy crises, prioritizing distribution to the most disadvantaged households first through a transparent process.

During the meeting, CM Maryam emphasized the environmental benefits of this initiative, stating, “We are committed to supporting our people during challenging times and shielding them from past hardships.” She also highlighted the potential positive impact on people’s lives, stating, “This program aims to alleviate current issues within five years.”