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Rawalpindi’s Assistant Commissioner Adopts Open-Door Policy

Rawalpindi's Assistant Commissioner Adopts Open-Door Policy

The Office of the Assistant Commissioner Cantt, located at Katchehry Chowk in Rawalpindi, has officially announced its open-door policy for all residents seeking assistance or help.

The Assistant Commissioner (AC), Qandeel Fatima Memon, has invited the general public to visit her office for any concerns or issues they may face.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, AC Qandeel stated that she will also provide counseling to the CSS aspirants free of charge, and invited them for guidance in this regard.

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She further added, “To those who have reached out to me in my DMs, wondering if you can meet me in person, the answer is yes, you are most welcome.”

Prior to this, AC Qandeel had also offered CSS-related advice to a student from the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) at her office.

According to her, the student had moved to Islamabad from Hyderabad in order to pursue his career. Moreover, AC Qandeel was also delighted over the fact that the student spoke to her in Sindhi, her native language, at her workplace.