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Teenage Hero Dies Trying to Save Relative from Kite-Flying Tragedy

Teenage Hero Dies Trying to Save Relative from Kite-Flying Tragedy

A tragic incident occurred as a young student lost his life while attempting to rescue a relative who had been electrocuted by a metal cord entangled with an electric pole during a kite-flying incident.

The victim, Osama Khan, aged 17, was known as a Hafiz-i-Quran and was the nephew of Ejaz Khan Jazi, the former MPA of PTI and former chairman of the Punjab chief minister’s inspection team. Osama had been visiting his grandmother’s house in the Dhok Khaba area of Rawalpindi to celebrate the Eid holidays.

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The unfortunate event unfolded when a young relative was flying a kite on the rooftop, and accidentally came into contact with exposed electric wires due to the nearby metal wires of an electric pole. In an act of bravery, Osama rushed to rescue the child, but tragically, he too fell victim to the hazardous metal wire and received an electric shock.

Efforts were made to save him as he was immediately rushed to the District Headquarters Hospital. However, despite all attempts, he could not be revived and succumbed to his injuries. Following his passing, Osama Khan was laid to rest in the contemporary cemetery of Dhok Elahi Baksh.

The funeral prayers were attended by various individuals including former PTI candidate Senator Nasir Butt, Shehryar Riaz, Hafiz Abdullah Butt, members of the PPP, PML-N, PTI, along with numerous workers, leaders, and citizens, all coming together to pay their respects.