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RDA Takes Action Against Bahria Town Post-NAB

RDA Takes Action Against Bahria Town Post-NAB

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has initiated measures against Bahria Town for encroachments, illegal plot division, and dissemination of brochures that deviate from the approved layout plan (LOP) in Phase VIII of Mouza Gali.

Additionally, the RDA has served notices to the proprietors of two unauthorized housing projects: Zak City in Mouza Harnal, Gujar Khan, and Hoon Farm House in Mouza Adhwal Tehsil Rawalpindi. These notices were issued due to the commencement of development activities and marketing without prior approval from the authority.

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Director General of RDA, Kinza Murtaza, announced in a press release that notices have been dispatched to the owner of Bahria Town Phase VIII and the proprietors of the aforementioned illegal housing schemes. Murtaza emphasized that these illicit schemes are luring the public into fraudulent plot purchases, endangering their investments.

Murtaza instructed the Director of the Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering branch to promptly address illegal advertisements and marketing endeavors. Additionally, FIRs will be lodged against the proprietors of these illicit housing projects.

She sternly warned the sponsors of illegal housing ventures to halt the marketing of their unauthorized schemes immediately and urged them to seek RDA’s approval in accordance with the law.

Murtaza highlighted that failure to comply will result in stringent legal repercussions. She urged the public to refrain from investing in illicit and unauthorized housing schemes, underscoring the importance of verifying scheme legitimacy through the RDA website before making any financial commitments.