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Sanghar Camel To Rise For The First Time After Limb Was Brutally Cut Off

Sanghar Camel To Rise For The First Time After Limb Was Brutally Cut Off

After having her limb brutally severed earlier this month, Sanghar Camel, now under treatment at CDRS Benji in Karachi, is preparing to stand for the first time since the incident. Promised an artificial leg once fully healed, the camel has shown significant improvement in her recovery, according to Sarah Jahangir, Director of the CDRS Benji Project for Animal Welfare.

Bioniks Pakistan, responsible for crafting the camel’s prosthetic limb, has erected a supportive structure to aid her in standing. The team aims for Camel to stand with assistance by the evening, marking a crucial step in her rehabilitation.

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The NGO managing her care expressed gratitude to the Department of Livestock and Bioniks Pakistan for their assistance. Meanwhile, six suspects implicated in the brutal act, which occurred in the Mundh Jamrao area on June 14, are currently in custody and facing trial in a local court.

How will the injured camel be able to stand up?

Describing their plan to assist the camel in standing, the team clarified that they have affixed a harness to the upper part of the support framework. This harness, suspended from above, will be secured around the camel to aid in supporting her upright position.