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Sarim Burney Requests Bail in Human Trafficking Case

Sarim Burney Requests Bail in Human Trafficking Case

On Monday, the lawyer representing social worker Sarim Burney asserted that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had made “baseless” allegations against his client in a human trafficking case.

Burney was detained on June 5 upon arriving at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport following a visit to the US.

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The bail plea for Burney was reviewed by Judicial Magistrate Karachi East. Burney’s lawyer argued that the FIA’s accusations were unfounded and lacked a proper investigation. He explained that the toddler in question was left at the hospital by her parents, and the current claims of receiving Rs3 million were unsubstantiated.

The lawyer emphasized that the adoption process is regulated and that the FIA had not provided evidence to support its allegations. The court has requested the FIA’s response to Burney’s bail plea.

FIR Details

The FIA has registered a first information report (FIR) against rights activist Sarim Burney, accusing him of trafficking newborn babies to the United States (US). The FIR claims Burney trafficked a newborn girl, Haya, to the US, allegedly purchasing her from her parents for Rs1 million.

According to the FIA, Burney trafficked 20 newborns to the US over the past year under the guise of adoption, with 15 of these children being girls. The agency stated that records of these children were provided by the Pakistan embassy and noted that Burney’s wife was listed as a beneficiary in the trust documents.

The FIA has recorded statements from Haya’s parents, who are reportedly extremely poor. The agency indicated that further cases related to human trafficking and money laundering would be filed against Burney.