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Second Windstorm Hits Nawabshah, Several Other Towns Affected

Second Windstorm Hits Nawabshah, Several Other Towns Affected

A second windstorm hit Nawabshah and Sanghar on Friday evening, just 24 hours after the previous one severely impacted civic infrastructure in several towns and villages across the two districts, as well as Dadu and Jamshoro districts.

Many cities, towns, and villages were left without power until late evening due to high-velocity winds on Thursday, which caused the collapse of seven towers and numerous poles and high-tension lines in the four districts. Consequently, the affected population faced water shortages as municipalities’ pumping stations and domestic pumps couldn’t operate without electricity.

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The CEO of the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company, Roshan Otho, acknowledged the massive breakdown and assured consumers that power supply would be restored as soon as possible, with Hesco teams working day and night.

Although Friday’s windstorm was of lower intensity than Thursday’s, it still caused significant damage to houses and other structures. Thunder showers followed the windstorm, with intermittent rain continuing into the late hours of the night.

The affected cities and towns included Nawabshah, Sanghar, Tando Adam, Shahpur Chakar, Sakrand, and Qazi Ahmed, hindering efforts to restore normalcy.

Residents of Nawabshah city, Sakrand, Daur, and their neighboring areas faced severe hardship due to the prolonged power outage, which lasted for more than 24 hours. The windstorm had caused extensive destruction, blowing away rooftops of countless houses, hoardings, and billboards, while also uprooting numerous trees and electricity poles.

The power breakdown led to the closure of ice factories and the shutdown of refrigerators and deep freezers in homes and commercial outlets, exacerbating the already sizzling weather conditions in the region.

Hesco chief Roshan Otho shared details of the destruction and rehabilitation efforts, stating that 70 feeders of seven grid stations were affected by the falling towers carrying 132kV high-transmission lines during the windstorm. He expressed hope that the situation would normalize by 10 p.m. on Friday.