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SECP Bootcamp to Impart Financial Literacy to Over 1500 Educators Concluded

SECP Bootcamp to Impart Financial Literacy to Over 1500 Educators Concluded

ISLAMABAD, June 3: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, in collaboration with the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, effectively imparted basic financial literacy concepts to over 1500 teachers from 432 Federal Government Schools & College of Islamabad Capital territory.

The training program, conducted in batches of teachers covered essential topics such as savings, investments, importance of financial literacy, its various elements and how to identify scams and frauds etc. The Ministry of Education has announced to integrate topics of financial literacy into curriculums of FG schools.

Addressing the concluding ceremony, Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani, announced major reforms to modernize the education system. These reforms include introduction of performance-based incentive system for teachers, training programs for teachers and combining subjects like science with mathematics and Pak studies with Urdu to reduce burdens from students as well as teachers. He said that subject of financial literacy will be introduced gradually at provincial levels. Wani emphasized the importance of understanding basic financial skills for youth, especially women, to protect themselves from scams and exploitation.

The Secretary Education appreciated the role of SECP and national Institute of Banking and Finance (NIBAF) in imparting the necessary skills to teachers through training programs. The SECP and the Ministry of Education have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance financial literacy among students in federal educational institutions.

The SECP Chairman, Mr. Akif Saeed emphasized that empowering youngsters with financial literacy is critical to ensuring that they learn fundamental concepts like as budgeting, saving, investing, and debt management from an early age. Akif also highlighted the pivotal role of a financially literate youth population in driving economic growth through fostering a culture of savings, investment, and entrepreneurship.

The Secretary of Education, Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani, also presented shields to SECP and NIBAF trainers, as well as program organizers. Officials from the Federal Directorate of Education, NIBAF, and SECP were also present at the ceremony.