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Beggar Woman’s Court Visit in Karachi

Beggar Woman's Court Visit in Karachi

In an uncommon plea, a woman has submitted a request to a sessions court in Karachi, asking for approval to secure a designated area for begging.

Reportedly, Ameeran Khatoon, approached a local court in Karachi with the intention of acquiring a specific spot for begging. She also raised concerns about three other beggars whom she accused of harassing her.

In her plea, she sought protection from the individuals causing her distress. However, the court dismissed her request, citing its inability to entertain an “illegal” demand.

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Although the court empathized with the petitioner’s situation and wished for a resolution to her issues, it emphasized its inability to issue an unjust order.

It’s worth noting that Ameeran Khatoon resorted to legal action after her appeals to the police went unanswered.

Recently, Additional Inspector General (AIG) Karachi, Imran Yaqoob Minhas, stated that during the month of Ramadan, an estimated 300,000 to 400,000 professional beggars migrate to Karachi to capitalize on the Eid season.