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Pakistan’s First Human Milk Bank Inaugurated in Karachi

Pakistan's First Human Milk Bank Inaugurated in Karachi

Sindh Health Minister Dr. Azra Pechuho has inaugurated Pakistan’s first Shariah-compliant Human Milk Bank and Early Childhood Centre at the Sindh Institute of Child Health and Neonatology (SICHN) in Karachi. Supported by Unicef, this facility will provide donor milk to infants who cannot be breastfed by their mothers.

At the inauguration, Dr. Pechuho emphasized the importance of mother’s milk for newborns, citing its optimal nutritional value and immunity-boosting properties. Prof. Jamal Raza detailed that the facility will collect, process, and distribute donor milk in accordance with Shariah guidelines.

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Unicef representative Abdullah Fadil commended the initiative and pledged continued support for similar projects throughout Pakistan.

The centre’s mission is to ensure that all infants receive the vital nutrients and immune protection that human milk offers, even if they are unable to be breastfed by their biological mothers. The establishment of this facility represents a significant advancement in enhancing early childhood health and nutrition in Pakistan.