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Stray Dog Attack Kills Young Girl in Sindh

Stray Dog Attack Kills Young Girl in Sindh

A tragic incident occurred in Ghotki, where a 7-year-old girl died after being bitten by a dog, reportedly due to inadequate medical treatment and lack of vaccination at the local hospital

The girl’s family stated that she was taken to Civil Hospital with injuries but was sent home without receiving the crucial rabies vaccination. They claimed her death resulted from the hospital’s failure to provide proper vaccination and complete treatment.

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In a bid to cover up their negligence, the hospital staff allegedly administered the vaccine to the family members after the girl’s death. The staff justified this action by saying the parents were vaccinated as a precaution because of fingernail marks on the girl’s body.

The grieving parents have called for accountability, urging higher authorities to address the hospital’s negligence and the absence of timely medical care.