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Talon News Announces Immediate Shutdown: Challenges and Decision Explained

Talon News Announces Immediate Shutdown: Challenges and Decision Explained

It is with a heavy heart and considerable distress that we announce the immediate shutdown of Talon News. This decision comes after much deliberation, understanding the significant impact it has on our dedicated employees, loyal viewers, and esteemed stakeholders.

Our venture into the news channel industry faced insurmountable challenges. There is an unreliable rating system that failed to offer a credible measurement of our viewership, an increasingly subjective landscape for media freedom and expression, a model of government advertising that requires alignment with current government perspectives, commercial advertising rates that do not support sustainability for new channels even those achieving top ratings, excessive demands by media buying houses leaving little to no margin for operational flexibility and the inflated salary structures (especially for anchors) have not matched with the returns in terms of ratings.

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The imbalance between high operational expenses and insufficient income, alongside an industry dominated by established channels, has made it clear that our business model is untenable

After careful consideration, the Board of Directors concluded that the most responsible course of action is to minimize losses and exit this unviable business. This decision was made purely from a commercial standpoint, aiming to uphold our integrity and commitment to all stakeholders.

We assure all employees and vendors that they will be fully compensated as per their contractual commitments. We are deeply grateful for your hard work and dedication.

Thank you all for being an integral part of Talon News.