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UAE Refutes Claims Of Imposing A Visa Ban On Pakistanis

UAE Refutes Claims Of Imposing A Visa Ban On Pakistanis

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has dismissed rumors circulating on social media regarding the imposition of a visa ban on Pakistanis.

In a video statement, the UAE’s Consulate General, Bakheet Obaid Al-Roumi, refuted the false information, confirming that there is no visa ban for Pakistanis. Al-Roumi emphasized that the visa section at the UAE consulate remains operational, and Pakistanis are free to apply for work visas. Additionally, there is no age limit for those intending to travel to the UAE.

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Earlier this month, on June 7, the Foreign Office stated that movement across the Pakistan-Afghanistan border should be regulated through visas. Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch stressed that individuals seeking entry into Pakistan from Afghanistan must hold a visa and an Afghan passport, highlighting the importance of conducting border movements between Pakistan and Afghanistan in accordance with visa regulations.

Meanwhile, on March 7, Italy initiated visa services from the historic city of Lahore, with similar services expected to be launched soon in other major cities across Pakistan. This announcement was made by Italian Embassy First Secretary Augusto Palmeiri during an address at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).