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Pakistani Air Hostess Arrested at Toronto Airport for Alleged Illegal Activity

Pakistani Air Hostess Arrested at Toronto Airport for Alleged Illegal Activity

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Lahore to Toronto took an unexpected turn when an air hostess, identified as Hina Sani, was detained upon arrival at the Toronto airport. The cause for concern stemmed from the discovery of passports belonging to individuals allegedly unrelated to her in her possession. This incident has sparked investigations and raised questions about the conduct of the detained air hostess.


Insider sources revealed that this was not the first instance of concern regarding Hina Sani’s conduct. She had previously faced warnings for allegedly bringing contraband into Canada. Additionally, her connection to a prominent Pakistani singer and her status as a social media model have brought attention to the incident.

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Further scrutiny revealed that seven other flight attendants accompanying Hina Sani on flight PK 789 were declared “no-flyers” by the airline for Toronto. Moreover, it was discovered that the crew received special permission from the deputy general manager of Flight Services, deviating from standard protocol, adding to the intrigue surrounding the incident.

In response to the detention, Canadian authorities questioned the other two air hostesses on the flight before allowing them to proceed to their hotel. Carrying passports not belonging to oneself while traveling is considered an international offense, further complicating the matter.

Abdullah Khan, a spokesperson for PIA, confirmed the airline’s awareness of the incident and assured full cooperation with Canadian authorities. He emphasized that any necessary legal action would be taken in accordance with their recommendations.

This incident isn’t isolated, as similar occurrences involving PIA staff members and Canadian authorities have surfaced in the past. In a recent incident, an air hostess reportedly went missing while on duty in Canada. Similar incidents involving PIA crew members allegedly slipping from duty have also occurred earlier in the year, prompting departmental disciplinary actions and investigations by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

The repeated instances of PIA staff members encountering issues in Canada raise concerns about the airline’s operations and the behavior of its employees. Authorities continue to investigate these incidents to ensure compliance with international regulations and standards.