Pakistani Fans Disappointed as FIFA World Cup Qualifier Unlikely to Be Hosted at Home

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Pakistani Fans Disappointed as FIFA World Cup Qualifier Unlikely to Be Hosted at Home

Football fans in Pakistan may face disappointment as the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) announced that the country’s FIFA World Cup qualifier against Jordan might not take place on home turf. The PFF revealed that Islamabad’s Jinnah Stadium doesn’t meet FIFA standards despite their best efforts to prepare it for the March match. One of the significant challenges is related to lighting conditions, as the match is scheduled under lights during Ramadan, making it difficult to meet FIFA’s requirements.

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The PFF, in collaboration with the Pakistan Sports Board, has been diligently working on getting Jinnah Stadium ready for the upcoming match against Jordan. However, they acknowledged that the current standard of the stadium poses difficulties, particularly regarding lighting standards during Ramadan. The PFF emphasized their commitment to upholding the game’s integrity and mentioned the January 21 deadline for venue submission. Due to these challenges, they are actively exploring alternative venues and plan to discuss arrangements for a neutral venue with the Jordan Football Association.

Jinnah Stadium hosted Pakistan’s previous home game in the FIFA World Cup qualifier against Tajikistan in November, drawing a crowd of 24,000 spectators. Despite the successful event, the current issues have left football fans disappointed, and the PFF is taking steps to ensure the home match against Jordan proceeds smoothly. The match is scheduled for March 21, and discussions with the Jordan Football Association will play a crucial role in finalizing arrangements for a neutral venue.

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