Pakistani Female Trio Conquer the Treacherous Haramosh La Pass, Inspiring New Frontiers

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In a remarkable achievement, a group of three Pakistani females successfully crossed the challenging Haramosh La pass, located at an altitude of 5,070 meters, on Friday, June 16. Dr. Sana Jamil, Ammara Sharif, and Sohniya Baber, along with their teammates Abduhu and Dr. Raheel, undertook this challenging expedition.


Haramosh La is widely recognized as one of the most technically difficult and dangerous mountains passes in Pakistan. The trek is renowned for its treacherous terrain and presents numerous obstacles to adventurers. The upper Chugolangma glacier, which forms part of the route, is heavily fissured and prone to avalanches, making the journey even more demanding.

The ascent on the west side of Haramosh La is particularly steep, necessitating the use of ropes for nearly 600 to 700 meters. This adds an element of technical mountaineering expertise to the already challenging trek. Consequently, it is a trail that is recommended only for experienced trekkers with prior mountaineering experience.

The successful crossing of Haramosh La by this group of Pakistani females is a significant accomplishment. It not only showcases their determination and physical fitness but also challenges societal norms and stereotypes regarding women’s capabilities in outdoor adventures. Their feat serves as an inspiration to other women and encourages them to explore and conquer new frontiers.

The team’s accomplishment highlights the potential for adventure tourism in Pakistan and sheds light on the country’s diverse and stunning landscapes. It demonstrates that Pakistan offers unique and thrilling opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts seeking exhilarating challenges and breathtaking natural beauty.

This achievement is a testament to the spirit of exploration and the pursuit of adventure that exists within the Pakistani community. It encourages individuals to push their limits, embrace new challenges, and break barriers.

The successful crossing of Haramosh La by Dr. Sana Jamil, Ammara Sharif, Sohniya Baber, and their teammates is a momentous occasion in Pakistan’s outdoor adventure scene. Their bravery, perseverance, and skill have set a new milestone and will undoubtedly inspire future generations of adventurers to dream big and conquer the impossible.

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