Pakistan’s Arsalan Ash and Atif Butt Poised for Tekken World Tour 2023 Victory

Web DeskJanuary 14, 2024
Pakistan's Arsalan Ash and Atif Butt Poised for Tekken World Tour 2023 Victory

Pakistani professional Tekken players Arsalan Ash and Atif Butt are gearing up for participation in the Tekken World Tour 2023 Finals scheduled for January 13 and January 14, 2024.

Arsalan Ash, a prominent figure in the Tekken community, boasts an impressive record of four victories at the renowned Evolution (EVO) tournament series, solidifying his position among the world’s best Tekken players. His most recent EVO championship was secured in August, showcasing his exceptional skills in the fighting game.

The upcoming tournament will feature a showdown between Arsalan Ash and defending champion Atif Butt. Atif Butt, also known as “Pakistani Knee” by Arsalan Ash, emerged victorious in the Tekken World Tour 2022. His ability to master several characters at a high level, akin to the renowned Korean player Knee, has earned him this notable nickname.

Confident in his abilities, Atif Butt is determined to clinch the Tekken World Tour title once again. Arsalan Ash, aged 28, holds the unique distinction of being the only player in history to achieve the status of a double unified EVO champion. This accomplishment was realized by securing victories at both EVO Japan and EVO Las Vegas in the same year. Currently affiliated with Red Bull E-Sports and Twisted Minds, Arsalan Ash stands as a formidable force in the competitive Tekken scene.



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