Pakistan’s First Smart Grocery Cart Has Been Introduced

Web DeskAugust 4, 2023
Pakistan's First Smart Grocery Cart Has Been Introduced

CalCart Technologies has unveiled Pakistan’s inaugural intelligent grocery cart, designed for supermarkets and hypermarkets. This pioneering AI-driven innovation aims to merge the ease of online shopping with the traditional in-store experience.

Through CalCart, customers can effortlessly scan items directly on the cart for a streamlined billing process, with access to real-time pricing information. The smart cart is further equipped with an in-store navigation system, providing seamless guidance to shoppers as they move around the store.

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One of its standout features is the personalized aisle-based promotions, where CalCart tailors exclusive deals based on individual preferences, making the shopping experience more rewarding and engaging. Additionally, shoppers gain access to digital catalogs, simplifying the process of locating desired items and discovering new products.
The recent partnership with MAF Carrefour, a prominent global supermarket chain, is a significant milestone, demonstrating the immense potential of digitalizing traditional brick-and-mortar retail.

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