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Pakistan’s Football Team Heads to Tajikistan

Pakistan's Football Team Heads to Tajikistan

The Pakistan National Football Team, facing a logistical ordeal, has finally set off for Tajikistan, overcoming a series of challenges.

A canceled Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight stranded half the team in Pakistan just before their crucial FIFA World Cup Qualifiers round 2 match on June 11.

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Head Coach Stephen Constantine and some players had already departed for Dushanbe, while the delayed members grappled with disrupted preparations and morale.

The canceled flight triggered a chaotic situation, with alternative arrangements hampered by limited chartered flight availability and logistical hurdles.

However, concerted efforts by the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) and government cooperation facilitated the delayed squad’s eventual departure.

Initially, the PFF Normalisation Committee sought a chartered PIA flight, but all jets were already booked, prompting the team’s search for alternatives.

The PFF also enlisted the Prime Minister’s Office’s assistance and approached another airline to resolve the crisis.

With no direct flights available from Pakistan to Dushanbe, concerns grew over fielding a full team for the match.

Despite the challenges, Pakistan is now en route to face Tajikistan in their pivotal FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Round 2 fixture at Dushanbe Stadium on June 11.