Pakistan’s Interim Government Reforms Driving Licensing Fees

Web DeskDecember 27, 2023
Pakistan's Interim Government Reforms Driving Licensing Fees

The interim government in Pakistan has implemented significant alterations in licensing fees, transitioning from a five-year cycle to an annual charge, effective January 1, 2024. This change aims to reform the structure and payment intervals for various categories of driving licenses. Below are the key updates:

Learner Driving Licenses:

  • Previous Fee: Rs. 60 for every five years.
  • New Fee Structure: Rs. 500 per year, a substantial increase from the previous structure.

Motorcycle and Motorcycle Rickshaw Licenses:

  • Previous Fee: Rs. 550 for every five years.
  • New Fee: Reduced to an annual fee of Rs. 500.

Motorcar-Jeep Licenses:

  • Previous Fee: Rs. 950 for a five-year term.
  • New Annual Fee: Increased to Rs. 1,800.

Heavy Transport Licenses:

  • Previous Fee: Rs. 400 every five years.
  • New Fee Structure: Rs. 2,000 per year.

Public Service Vehicles Licenses:

  • Previous Fee: Rs. 450 for every five years.
  • New Annual Fee: Revised to Rs. 1,500.

Other License Categories:

  • Previous Fee: Rs. 100.
  • New Fee: Increased to Rs. 1,000 per year.

Noteworthy Points:

  • The revised fees represent the first overhaul in 20 years, marking a significant shift in the structure of licensing fees.
  • A commendable step includes the abolition of the Rs. 20 fee for disabled individuals.
  • This reform is aimed at streamlining fees and aligning them more closely with an annual payment cycle.

The adjustment in licensing fees reflects a substantial shift in the payment structure, providing a more frequent and potentially more manageable payment schedule for license holders across various categories.

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