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Pakistan’s Siri Paye: A World’s Most Delicious Stew

Pakistan's Siri Paye: A World's Most Delicious Stew

In a remarkable culinary achievement, Siri Paya, the fragrant and robust Pakistani specialty, has secured the 47th position in TasteAtlas’ prestigious 2024 ranking of the world’s finest stews. The esteemed food guide recently unveiled its selection of the top 50 contenders for the category in April.

Siri Paya, a beloved dish revered by aficionados of Pakistani cuisine, is a tantalizing stew meticulously crafted from tender lamb or goat trotters simmered to perfection in a harmonious blend of spices, herbs, and aromatics. The dish’s name, ‘Siri Paya’, translates to ‘head and feet’, honoring its key components – the flavorful gelatinous meat from the head and the nourishing marrow-rich trotters. Slow-cooked to draw out the essence of each ingredient, this delightful stew epitomizes comfort food, boasting a velvety texture and soul-warming flavors that enchant palates across the globe.

TasteAtlas distinguished Siri Paya as a Pakistani culinary gem, alongside other familiar South Asian delights listed under India’s flag in the ranking by countries. ‘Indian’ cuisine’s Keema claimed the sixth spot, with Korma and Dal securing positions 22 and 50 respectively. Shahi Paneer and Vindaloo also earned spots on the list.

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Established in 2018, TasteAtlas has become the ultimate authority for adventurous travelers seeking to discover traditional cuisines from diverse corners of the world. Through its careful selection of authentic recipes, critiques from food experts, and comprehensive research articles, TasteAtlas showcases dishes that embody cultural heritage and culinary creativity.

Welcoming the new year, the Croatia-based food publication unveiled a list of 100 must-visit dining establishments for food enthusiasts worldwide. Among the array of featured eateries, one name brought particular joy to many Pakistanis, especially Karachi residents: Zahid Nihari.

Renowned as a culinary gem in Karachi, Zahid Nihari has garnered global recognition, securing an impressive rank of #89 on the “Where to Eat in 2024: 100 Most Legendary Restaurants in the World” list. Endorsed by seven esteemed food critics, including Salima Feerasta, Zahid Nihari’s traditional Lucknow-inspired stew continues to delight palates since its inception in 1974, maintaining its reputation as a global culinary delight.