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PEMRA Licensees Required to Utilize Registered Satellites Exclusively Soon

PEMRA Licensees Required to Utilize Registered Satellites Exclusively Soon

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued regulations regarding the use of satellites for broadcasting services in the country. According to the National Space Activities Rules 2024, licensees of PEMRA must comply with the provisions of PEMRA laws and utilize National Satellites or Registered Satellites for broadcasting purposes.

Existing licensees of PEMRA are allowed to continue using their current satellites until the expiration of their current agreements. Afterward, they must switch to National Satellites or Registered Satellites as per the rules. Government broadcasters are mandated to broadcast their channels within Pakistan using National Satellites exclusively.

In cases where the required broadcasting capacity is not available through National Satellites, national broadcasters may lease capacity from alternate satellites registered by the Pakistan Space Activities Regulatory Board (PSARB). However, such leases are limited to a maximum term of five years or until the required capacity becomes available on a National Satellite, whichever comes first.

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Direct-to-Home (DTH) Service Providers must adhere to PEMRA Eligibility Criteria and Bidding procedures for DTH Service Licensing Regulations 2016. The PSARB is responsible for authorizing the use of registered Space Objects and satellites for telecommunication/broadcast services to or from Pakistan Territory in coordination with relevant government departments.

Private broadcasters and broadcast services are governed by PEMRA laws, while national broadcasters are governed by the rules, regulations, and policies of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Service providers that receive signals from satellites for redistribution within Pakistan must be authorized by PEMRA and receive signals only from registered Satellites. They must obtain licenses or permission from PEMRA for re-distribution of television channels.

These regulations aim to ensure proper governance and regulation of satellite usage for broadcasting services in Pakistan, promoting compliance with national laws and standards.