Physical dispute in a Brand’s sale

Web DeskAugust 4, 2023
Physical dispute in a Brand's sale

Inflation has had a severe impact on various social classes in Pakistan, extending from the middle and lower classes to now affecting the upper classes as well. The escalating prices of goods have made purchasing basic necessities an incredibly difficult task. Despite these economic hardships, the Annual Summer Sales continue to attract enormous crowds, with people eagerly lining up to purchase their favorite items, particularly the heavily discounted clothes from popular brands like Sapphire.

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During one of these sales events in Faisalabad, chaos erupted when two women engaged in a physical altercation over a dress. The situation quickly escalated as their associates got involved, leading to the firing of guns inside the mall where the store was located. As a result, the police intervened and arrested six individuals in connection with the incident.

The incident has left people on social media perplexed, raising questions about the extent to which some individuals are compelled to prioritize shopping for clothes despite the ongoing economic challenges faced by the country.

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