PIA Booking Offices Shut Down Amid Ongoing Protests: Calls for Accountability Over Privatization and Salary Raises

Web DeskAugust 28, 2023

In a significant development, the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Action Committee of Employees has declared the closure of booking offices nationwide on Monday, making a bold statement amidst ongoing protests. The decision to close these essential facilities, effective from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, is part of a broader demonstration by PIA employees against the privatization of the airline and for improved salary structures.

Protest rallies and demonstrations are scheduled to take place outside PIA’s booking offices, with employees united in their demand for fair treatment and financial stability.

The recent actions by the police department have further exacerbated tensions, as raids were conducted at the residences of PIA CBA (Collective Bargaining Agent) leaders who were actively involved in the protests. These leaders, affiliated with the People’s Unity, had been vocal opponents of privatization and had advocated for more competitive salaries. The police conducted these raids in the PIA Township, accompanied by airline security officers.

Cases have been registered against the protesting PIA employees, and during the raids, both police and airport security officials searched the residences thoroughly. The situation took an alarming turn when a CBA leader reported that his family members had been subjected to harassment during the police raid.

As the protests intensify and tensions rise, there remains uncertainty regarding the arrests of CBA People’s Unity or Officers Association office-bearers, highlighting the ongoing conflict between PIA employees and the administration over privatization and compensation issues.

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