Planning Minister Assesses Advances in Integrated Energy Planning Project

Web DeskDecember 1, 2023
Planning Minister Assesses Advances in Integrated Energy Planning Project

The caretaker Minister for Planning, Muhammad Sami Saeed, recently chaired a meeting to assess the progress of the Integrated Energy Planning (IEP) Project. This initiative is seen as a crucial tool for realizing the government’s vision of a sustainable and cost-efficient energy sector to meet strategic socio-economic needs and the growing energy demand in the country.

As part of this vision, an Energy Planning & Resource Centre (EPRC) has been established within the IEP project. The minister reviewed the work conducted by EPRC over the past two years, emphasizing its role in tackling the ongoing energy crisis.

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During the meeting, the EPRC team presented a detailed overview of policy reports, including the Pakistan Energy Demand Forecast 2021-30. This report addresses the urgent need for primary energy demand forecasting, providing projections for future energy demand across various sources such as oil, coal, natural gas, LNG, LPG, and electricity until 2030.

Additionally, the team highlighted the Pakistan Energy Outlook Report 2021-30, offering a retrospective analysis of the country’s energy mix and forecasting future energy demand through an accurate energy model. The report takes into account historical consumption trends, macroeconomic parameters, and strategic objectives, focusing on supply, demand, and logistics management.

The meeting also delved into the “Pakistan Natural Gas Policy Analysis and way forward” report by EPRC. This comprehensive analysis presents the current state of the gas sector, policy recommendations for demand-side management, and an assessment of the gas pricing regime. The minister directed the EPRC team to study the policy of gas supply merit order to consumers and explore international best practices in coordination with relevant international bodies.

Acknowledging the significant contributions of the EPRC team, the minister praised their efforts in steering the country’s energy sector in the right direction through effective policy-making and data management initiatives.

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