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Play PlayStation and Nintendo Games on Your iPhone Soon with Upcoming Feature

Play PlayStation and Nintendo Games on Your iPhone Soon with Upcoming Feature

Provenance, a multi-console emulator, is set to make its debut in the iOS App Store following the success of Nintendo’s Delta emulator, which was released earlier. One of the developers of Provenance confirmed that they are working on a release but need to investigate the new rules set by Apple before submitting the app to the App Store. They also mentioned the need to address quality-of-life issues and adhere to the App Store’s guidelines, including removing mentions of “beta.”

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Apple’s recent rule change on April 5 allows retro gaming emulators to be available on the App Store. Delta, another emulator, was released on April 17 and quickly rose to the top of the free games list on the App Store worldwide charts. Provenance goes beyond Delta as it supports systems like the Sony PlayStation, SEGA Saturn, Nintendo Virtual Boy, Nintendo Gamecube, etc. The developers are also working on adding support for SEGA Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation 2, and other systems.

International users have reported a fantastic experience with Provenance, particularly when paired with an iPhone game controller. The user interface is praised for its ease of use in mapping hotkeys, and the games run smoothly. Sources indicate that Provenance has been in development for close to a decade but gained attention due to Apple’s law change in early April, allowing retro gaming emulators on the App Store.