PML-N Leader Critiques PPP’s Governance in Sindh and PTI’s Social Media Dependence

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PML-N Leader Critiques PPP's Governance in Sindh and PTI's Social Media Dependence

Lahore: A senior PML-N leader, recognized for adeptly critiquing opponents, took a direct stance in lambasting his party’s key adversaries—the PPP and PTI—criticizing the former for its stronghold in Sindh and mocking the latter’s reliance on social media.

Addressing a workers’ convention in National Assembly constituency NA-119 (Lahore-III), Khawaja Saad Rafique openly questioned both parties’ track records and highlighted PML-N’s readiness to form a coalition, even with a secured majority in the upcoming polls.

Without explicitly naming, Rafique hinted at a neighboring constituency where a party leader is contesting—an apparent reference to PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, running in NA-127.

He sharply criticized the PPP’s 15-year governance in Karachi, portraying the city’s condition as deteriorated, and warned against a similar fate for Lahore if the party were to assume power.

Rafique also ridiculed the PPP’s demand for fairness in Lahore while restricting criticism in Sindh. He lauded PML-N’s contributions in Punjab, underscoring youth-oriented initiatives and infrastructure development and accused the PPP of emulating PML-N projects poorly.

The seasoned leader alleged interference in the 2018 elections by military generals and judges, claiming it was an offense not just against PML-N but the nation. He highlighted Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification for resisting external influence.

Asserting the PML-N’s intent for coalition-building post-election, Rafique’s sentiments were echoed by party leader Ataullah Tarar, emphasizing Lahore’s allegiance to PML-N and questioning PPP’s claims in Karachi.

Regarding PTI, Rafique expressed concern over the party’s over-reliance on social media, emphasizing the significance of grassroots reality over online influence. He criticized PTI’s lack of major projects compared to PML-N’s infrastructural achievements.

He questioned PTI’s contributions during its rule in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, highlighting alleged shortcomings in healthcare, energy, and infrastructure development.

Furthermore, Rafique accused former PM Imran Khan of undermining state institutions on social media, labeling them as traitors and Indian agents.

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