Police Raid Usman Dar’s Residence at Khawaja Asif’s Request, Claims Dar’s Mother

Web DeskDecember 20, 2023

In Sialkot, the mother of former PTI leader Usman Dar has accused PML-N’s Khawaja Asif and the local police of conducting a raid at their residence and mistreating her family. However, both Khawaja Asif and the Sialkot police have denied these claims.

In a video shared by Usman on Twitter, his mother showcased a broken door frame, alleging that individuals acting on behalf of Khawaja Asif forcefully entered their home. She asserted mistreatment by the alleged attackers, asserting that such intimidation wouldn’t deter her from submitting her nomination for the upcoming February 8 general elections. She urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to investigate the incident and challenged Asif to confront her in the electoral arena.

Subsequently, Usman Dar, addressing the media, reiterated his dedication to his family despite his withdrawal from politics. He released purported voice recordings and sought justice from the chief justice and others for the treatment his family endured.

In response, Khawaja Asif maintained his stance on principled politics, stressing respect for opponents and their families. He expressed regret over the compromise of his family’s traditions due to political actions.

Directly addressing Usman, Asif advised against involving respected figures such as mothers in political spectacles. He urged the preservation of their dignity and refraining from exploiting them for political advantage.

On the other hand, the District Police Officer of Sialkot defended the raid in a video message, stating it was conducted to apprehend Usman’s brother, a suspect in multiple cases. He dismissed claims of misconduct, citing evidence against Usman’s brother and justifying the legal actions taken.


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