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Ex-Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair Leaves PML-N

Ex-Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair Leaves PML-N

Former Sindh Governor and brother of Asad Umar, Muhammad Zubair, announced his resignation from the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Sunday.

Zubair, a prominent figure in the ruling alliance, cited reservations for his move but did not elaborate on his decision. He mentioned that he would determine his future political direction after consulting with close friends.

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Expressing his differences to the party leadership earlier, Zubair distanced himself from the party. He has not yet decided to join another political party and will make a decision soon.

He criticized PML-N for straying from its “Vote Ko Izzat Do” slogan and noted that the party had shifted its focus to a reconciliatory narrative.