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PTI Permitted to Hold Power Show in Islamabad on July 6

PTI Permitted to Hold Power Show in Islamabad on July 6

In Islamabad, the district administration has approved PTI’s request to hold a rally at Tarnol Chowk on July 6. The Islamabad High Court dismissed Amir Masood Mughal’s petition following the issuance of the NOC, with Justice Babar Satar remarking that the rally had been permitted, urging the party not to exacerbate the situation.

PTI’s lawyer, Shoaib Shaheen, argued that they lacked sufficient time to prepare, but Justice Satar countered that the party had the capacity to organize the event swiftly. Earlier, the IHC had issued a notice to the DC on a PTI contempt petition after the district administration initially denied their application for a rally citing security concerns following the February 8 general elections.

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Emphasizing the law and order situation, the district administration clarified that protests, including at D-Chowk, were not permissible. Despite an IHC directive for the DC to decide on the application, it was rejected due to ongoing security issues. PTI’s regional president, Aamir Masood Mughal, vowed to reapproach the IHC, criticizing the government’s inability to ensure capital security.