Poonam Pandey Defends Against Fake Death Controversy

Web DeskFebruary 6, 2024
Poonam Pandey Defends Against Fake Death Controversy

In the midst of intense criticism for orchestrating a simulated ‘death’ from cervical cancer, model and actress Poonam Pandey remains defiant, refusing to apologize in her recent Instagram post. She boldly declares, “Kill me, crucify me, hate me, but save someone you love.”

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Pandey took to Instagram to repost a series of messages and social media posts from her supporters on her IG Story, using them as a defense to argue that her stunt was effective. One screenshot from a personal message she received on Instagram reads, “Your way of awareness may be right or wrong for others, but thousands of women must have researched or even booked tests [for cervical cancer].” The controversy surrounding her actions persists, with Poonam Pandey standing firm in her unapologetic stance.

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