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Possible Delay: GTA 6 Release Date Pushed Back by a Year

Possible Delay: GTA 6 Release Date Pushed Back by a Year

The potential delay of Grand Theft Auto 6 until 2026 has been a topic of concern and speculation among gaming enthusiasts, as reports suggest that the development process may be falling behind schedule.

Initially, GTA 6 was slated for release in 2025, as hinted at the end of its first trailer. However, Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have not provided a more specific launch window.

Reports indicate that Rockstar Games has instructed its developers to return to the office in April, leading to mixed reactions among employees. Some developers feel blindsided by this decision, while others are concerned about the potential return to unhealthy work practices, such as crunch.

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Quality and security concerns have been cited as reasons behind the return-to-office directive. The development of GTA 6 is reportedly lagging behind schedule, raising concerns among Rockstar leads about the need for a possible delay.

While the original target for the game’s release was early 2025, sources suggest that a fall 2025 launch may be more feasible. However, there is a possibility of a delay until 2026, which is considered a fallback plan or an emergency measure if necessary.

Despite the potential delay, Grand Theft Auto 6 remains highly anticipated, especially given its planned release on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. Fans eagerly await further updates from Rockstar Games regarding the development and release of the game.