Possible Salary Delay for Government Employees in January 2024?

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Possible Salary Delay for Government Employees in January 2024?

Accusations of Delay Deemed Baseless

The Ministry of Finance in Islamabad vehemently denied recent media reports that suggested delays in funding for crucial development projects and the disbursement of salaries for federal government employees. Terming these claims as ‘baseless and inaccurate,’ the Ministry clarified its stance, indicating a lack of factual evidence supporting the allegations.

Missed Opportunity for Clarification

According to a clarification issued by the Finance Division’s spokesperson, the news channel failed to reach out to the Finance Division before airing the contentious reports. The Ministry expressed disappointment at the absence of prior consultation, asserting that such an approach could have provided a clearer understanding of the situation.

Pakistan’s Commitment to IMF Programme and Financial Status

Despite the allegations, Pakistan remains steadfast in honoring its commitments under the IMF programme. The successful completion of the Staff Level Agreement (SLA) for the first review stands as a testament to Pakistan’s dedication to meeting its obligations.

 Fiscal Highlights and Fund Disbursements

The Ministry provided a comprehensive overview of fiscal highlights, affirming the release of quarter 2 funds for both current and development expenditures by the Finance Division. Further validation was granted by the Planning Division, authorizing the allocation of funds to line ministries.

Unaltered Release Strategy and Fund Disbursements

Emphasizing continuity, the Finance Division and the Planning Division confirmed the absence of any alterations in the established release strategy. All quarter 2 funds designated for the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) were disbursed, ensuring uninterrupted transfers to beneficiaries. Additionally, funds earmarked for power sector subsidies, aligned with CDMP requirements, were duly provided.

Timely Salary Releases and Revenue Collections

In line with customary practice, the Finance Division ensured the punctual release of salaries for the Christian community ahead of Christmas. Simultaneously, revenue collection by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Non-Tax Revenue (NTR) collection by other ministries continues as scheduled.

Invalidity of Reported News

Based on the detailed information provided, the Ministry concluded that the reported news lacked substantiation and overlooked the government’s perspective. The clarification aims to set the record straight regarding the alleged delays and financial issues, reinforcing the Ministry’s commitment to transparency and accuracy in public communications.

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