Preity Zinta Lookalike Found in Martin Scorcese’s Latest Star

Web DeskDecember 16, 2023
Preity Zinta Lookalike Found in Martin Scorcese’s Latest Star

The announcement of Lily Gladstone as the honorary chair for the 2024 Spirit Awards has generated unexpected online discussion, mainly centered around her perceived resemblance to Bollywood star Preity Zinta in a recent photo. Despite the recognition for her role at the upcoming awards, some on the internet found amusement in the uncanny similarity between Gladstone and Zinta.

The comparison began when a picture of Gladstone was posted on social media by Film Updates, with the caption, “Lily Gladstone has been announced as the honorary chair for the 2024 Spirit Awards.” Fans took notice of the image, leading to playful banter and humorous reactions due to the perceived resemblance to the popular Indian actor.

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Some users tagged Zinta and joked, “Found your doppelgänger,” while others questioned why Zinta’s picture was being used. The comparisons continued, with some playfully suggesting Zinta’s name had changed to Lily Gladstone and sharing GIFs highlighting the likeness.

In the replies, many users tagged Zinta, congratulating her for Gladstone’s achievement. One even suggested Zinta should sue the platform for using her image.

Lily Gladstone gained prominence for her role in Martin Scorcese’s film, Killers of the Flower Moon, earlier this year. Despite her impressive career and recent accolades, the focus on Gladstone has unexpectedly sparked light-hearted reactions online, emphasizing the resemblance to Zinta.

As Gladstone embraces her achievements and prepares for her role at the 2024 Spirit Awards, fans continue to celebrate her acting talent and groundbreaking milestones in the entertainment industry.

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