Preparing the biggest national flag in Karachi

Web DeskAugust 13, 2023
Preparing the biggest national flag in Karachi

A group of skilled artisans in Bahadurabad, Pakistan, recently achieved a remarkable feat by creating two large Pakistani flags at Kokan Ground. These flags boasted impressive dimensions, measuring about 200 feet by 130 feet, equivalent to approximately 54 by 32 meters. The painstaking process of putting these flags together took a span of two days, during which the team meticulously marked, cut, and sewed the white portions featuring the iconic star and crescent onto the vibrant green background.

Asim Nisar, the individual responsible for overseeing this ambitious project, highlighted the paramount importance of adhering to the government’s guidelines regarding the flag’s size, colors, and proportions. This commitment to precision and compliance reflects the deep sense of respect and pride associated with the national flag. Nisar emphasized that crafting the flag correctly is not just a technical exercise, but a symbol of the nation’s values and identity.

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The family renowned for creating these monumental flags, led by Shaikh Nisar Parchum Walay, affectionately known as Baba-i-Parchum, has built a reputation for pushing boundaries and setting records in flag-making. Their previous achievement was a significantly larger flag in 2004, measuring an astounding 540 feet by 320 feet, a feat that earned them a well-deserved place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Baba-i-Parchum passionately stressed the significance of maintaining the precise colors and size of the flag. According to him, the deep green color and the correct proportions of the star play a crucial role in symbolizing the values and ideals that the flag represents. This dedication to preserving the flag’s symbolism ensures that it remains a meaningful and respected emblem of the nation.

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