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Protests Target KFC Outlet in Muzaffarabad Over Alleged Support for Israel


The city of Muzaffarabad witnessed unrest as demonstrators protesting against Israel targeted a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet, accusing it of supporting Israeli forces in Gaza. The protests escalated late Friday night, with a large group storming the KFC branch on Kotli Road in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.

Videos circulating online captured scenes of chaos as protesters vandalized the KFC premises and set it on fire, causing significant damage. Demonstrators were heard chanting slogans against Israel as they wreaked havoc on the restaurant.

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Local law enforcement swiftly intervened to contain the situation, using tear gas to disperse the protesters. Rioters were seen fleeing the scene to escape the flames engulfing the establishment.

In response to the unrest, Azad Kashmir police launched an operation against the attackers, resulting in the arrest of over 50 individuals involved in clashes with law enforcement.

Reports indicated that several law enforcement officials, including an Assistant Deputy Commissioner (ADC), an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), and three police officers, sustained injuries during the clashes.